Webgui tabs hard to pull down.

  • When i try to select say, rules it does not usualy let me.

    When i highlight firewall, and move down to rules the pull down menu goes away, i need to try it a few times before the menu will stay up.

    Am i doing something wrong .. its just really anoying.

  • i have this same issue, i only have it on my vista machine though running whatever ie comes stock when its up to date

    if i use firefox or my xp internet explorer on my laptop it works fine… drives me nuts man i agree

  • Must be a JavaScript thing.

  • Ah good its not just me.

    I use IE7 on xp sp3.

  • I have the problem with some computers, others work fine. I cant see something different between them. Vista or XP doesnt make any difference. If its java what to do?

  • This seems to be an IE7 compatibility issue (big surprise…), I see it on pretty much every machine I use with IE.

    If you don't have the option to use another browser, I find the pfsense theme works much better than the nervecentre one.

  • This has been covered to death. You will see it under any version of IE along with some other oddities like the menu going behind the traffic graph. You will not see these problems with a mozilla type browser like firefox or google chrome.

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