10GBe Network vlan tagging issue in Windows NIC Teaming.

  • Hello,

    We have DIY pfsense router that has 2 X 1GBe interfaces for WAN and LAN.

    We have following VLAN tags

    1. LAN
    2. 21 Office
    3. 22 Home
    4. 23 DMZ

    I had set NIC team on Windows Server 2016 with 2 10gbe x540t2 ports & 1 GBe port for management. On top of that we had above 3 Vlan setup as Team Interfaces.

    When I was connecting these ports directly to 1 GBE switch everything was working fine. Problem started when I bought Netgear xs716t 16 port 10GBe switch to finally upgrade the speed to 10GBe. Team Interface for default Port works (LAN only) and any secondary team interface that are defined through VLAN tag loose connectivity.

    I also tried changing the box with view that it is under-specked and need 10GBe card at router level as shown (Orange is 10gbps)

    Thanks in advance!

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