Can't connect to various websites while on PIA VPN multiple devices

  • Interesting question here.
    I have pfsense all setup and i am extremely happy with how it is going (after having issues with devices connecting with ISP/RSP supplied modem/router, pfsense is awesome).
    I have PIA vpn setup and it seems to be working fine for all devices (I do have 1 rule for my gaming PC that bypasses the VPN).
    I have, however, noticed a bit of a strange oddity at the moment.
    Some sites, i cannot seem to connect too.
    I know that these sites work previously while utilising the specific windows/ubuntu clients but dont seem to work for devices routed through the VPN while on pfsense.
    Sites im having issue with at present are ( & reddit, sometimes ebay is a little odd but does work, though i guess there may be others).
    I can access various other speeds test websites and i can't complain in relation to any speeds im getting but its a little annoying in relation to not being to access some sites while on the vpn.
    Anyone seen anything similar and have any thoughts on what may be causing this?

  • well i am not having that issue with my PIA tunnel so it sounds like a configuration issue on your end.

    1. this page lists there DNS servers :
    2. if you run their DNS leak test does it pass or fail?

    on a router i suggest using the 256 strong encryption. now that they changed their site its not so easy to find the correct files. but emailing them they might be able to share this with you..

    also if you post some screen shots of your config it will also help someone review for you

  • So strangely.... just you writing DNS made me think.
    I had utilised the DNS forwarder checkbox and set up manual DNS's of cloudflare (, etc) within general setup.
    Once I disabled the DNS forwarder (and therefore custom DNS) the sites came back to all devices utilising the PIA VPN..

    So in a roundabout way thank you 👍 👍

    i will look into the 256 encryption (they have decomissioned their forums with a lot of the posts on setting that up)


    its under advanced SSL usage. use the new openvpn files under OpenVPN Configuration Files (Strong)

    either way thats awesome its backup and running. i also use cloudfare as dns for my devices outside the vpn tunnel

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