VPN client does not connect to OpenVPN server (error).

  • Hi,

    I can't connect to my OpenVPN server. It should work with the current configuration because I have done it before in the far past and it wasn't that hard, unless they changed something overtime.

    This is the error I get, I think this is a general error, which basically means it can be anything. I double checked the basic settings, gone through the manual over and over again. It is quite possible I might have overseen something. I am using a dynamic host name (no-ip) instead of an Interface address (Export key tab).

    It is worth to mention and I included it in another screenshot, the OpenVPN server does not seem to be running, the green start button does not respond. As far as I can remember, this should be on prior connecting.



    Can you guys help me out? Or can someone give me a lead where to start?

    Other screenshots can be provided if necessary, but please God no,...

  • As the server is not running it's naturally clear that the client can't connect.

    The OpenVPN log on the server should provide the reason for the server cannot start.

  • Hmm, indeed, apparently the error was related to a wrong combination of a network statement and its subnet mask. The tunnel network does not accept /16 so I used /24. Very odd I must say the least. is valid one right and therefore should work.

    Thank you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    (a) There is no reason to use a /16 for a VPN tunnel network, especially not with topology subnet. You are not going to get 65,500+ clients connected to a single OpenVPN server.

    (b) is not a valid network specification, is where that /16 starts, which is the cause of that error.

  • Hmm, yes indeed.

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