PPPoE Over VirtIO 802.1Q VLAN - Multiqueues? Proxmox/KVM

  • I have have successfully configured 3 ADSL2+ modems to work with a pfSense VM

    Each modem is plugged into our DLINk DGS-1210 Switch (ports 1,2 & 3)
    Ports 1,2 &3 are on VLANS 101, 102 & 103 respectively.
    pfSense is driving them via PPPoE vlan interfaces

    • vs
    • ProxMox KVM
      4 Cores
    • One virtio nic
      4 queues
    • All hardware offloading disabled
    • Also serves two IPSec Site-Site tunnels

    Much to my surprise it actually works and is providing load balanced WAN to our SMB. Haven't stress tested it yet.

    I think pfSense supports multiqueue natively and I'm running the LAN port and 3 tagged WAN ports off the one virtio nic. Its not like its a high bandwidth wan, each adsl modem syncs at 15MB/s (welcome to "broadband" in a major australian metro area).

    But I'm wondering if it would be more stable/better performance to just create 4 nics and dedicate each one to a separate connection.

    Thoughts? thanks.