Multiple LAN IP range

  • I have not done this BUT Just thinking the possibility.

    What if, I have my LAN interface ip range set to
    Then, I also have alias group1 with ip range set to 10.0.2/24
    Then, I also have alias group2 with ip range set to 10.0.4/24
    Then, I also have alias group4 with ip range set to 10.0.6/24
    Then, I also have alias group5 with ip range set to 10.0.8/24
    Then, I also have alias group6 with ip range set to 10.0.10/24
    All IP range are allow to have internet access on LAN firewall rules.

    I set group of computers to have ip range of LAN and group1 to group5.
    So it is expected that only ip range will be the DHCP ip range.

    1. So my thought is, is LAN and all the GROUP alias will have internet connection ?
    2. Since LAN and Group aliases are on different IP range, even if they are on same LAN interface, can I make of LAN firewall rules to permit traffic between those groups ?

  • i dont understand what you are wanting todo.....
    but whatever it is, its wrong, it wont work, its borked®

    a) don't use multiple ranges on the same interface (you can use vlans)
    b) subnetting doesn't work like you think it does (

  • @ravegen What you are doing maybe called SEGMENTING, or running multiple LAN subnets, and any time you hear that, it may become a Pandora box. I mean you may have a valid reason to do so, but just be aware, u maybe chewing more than u can handle.

    Yes, multiple segments can be created via a firewall box with multiple LAN NICs, or in your case using a VLAN capable switch most likely.

    Yes DHCP will handles all those segments just fine.

    How many clients aprox are we talking about that you contemplating doing this?

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