Remote V virtual IP question?

  • Hi all,
    First post so be gentle with me!
    I have setup pfsense to open a vpn tunnel with NordVPN. Everything seems to be up but there is one thing that I am not sure/convinced about.
    The tunnel appears to be up and the OpenVPN widget on the dashboard shows remote/virtual ip and has the two addresses (Which I believe is the address of the VPN server that I am connecting to) and a virtual address of
    There is an UP arrow next to the 195 but no arrow next to the address.
    When I navigate to I find that I have been allocated the 195 address.
    I thought that I should be allocated the address?
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Please have patience as I am fairly new to this.

  • The is the public IP of the VPN server your client connects to.
    Maybe the same address is used for going out to the internet through the vpn tunnel. So if you check your IP you may see this one. is your virtual address which the client gets assigned from the server when it establishes the connection. This is only used within the vpn tunnel for transferring data to the server and may vary.

  • Thank you. That explains things perfectly.