PPPoE Server Users Real Time Traffic Monitoring ?

  • I have activated service PPPoE server in 2.4.3 every thing is going well but the problem in real time traffic monitoring of users. In dhcp server clients it is under status traffic graph by IP of the user is showing real time bandwidth speed but there is no option to monitor PPPoE users data like this. any help about ??

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't any way to monitor those because they are not on a single interface like the others. Each PPPoE connection from users rides on its own separate poesX interface and the traffic monitoring doesn't have a way to latch onto those at the moment. Even if it did, it doesn't have a way to tell which user is on which line so it's not quite so useful.

    I can't remember if RADIUS accounting works for PPPoE server users, but that might be something you could look into to monitor per-user bandwidth consumption.

  • I have monitored PPPoe clients through Ntong but some thing wrong done by me it stops showing traffic . Any Idea ?

  • go to ntopsetting> uncheck your interface and save

    check your pppoe interface and save you can get again all traffic info.