• Hello,

    I'm new to the network support scene but I want to know more so I've got myself a little lab environment to do some home learning with. One thing that I want to know how to do is setup a site-to-site VPN between two pfSense devices using OpenVPN.

    I have a hosted network that uses a VM running pfSense as a gateway. The network has a domain (lab.local) and a DHCP/DNS (LAB-S01 / I have a virtual server that uses a VM ( running as a gateway but this is running on my own machine.

    Following the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8xt7LUtYH4 the two sites can ping the tunnel network ( but neither end (home or hosted) can ping the other machines.

    I have setup a VPN so my personal laptop can reach the hosted pfsense machine and that works as expected, that reaches the 192.168.1.X LAN. I don't understand why the site-to-site isnt working.

    I've looked online but can't find anything that solves the issue.

    Hopefully I've missed something obvious, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I've already setup the firewalls to allow all traffic across all ports - that made no change.
    I've re-created the server and client connections - that made no change
    I've checked all the settings and everything lines up with what I've been told to do.

    Other than the Open VPN S2S and user VPN, i've not made any changes to the OpenVPN other than assigning the WAN and LAN addresses at startup.

    What needs to be done to allow the S2S to speak to the LAN (192.168.1.X) and the to connect to the DC?

    Thanks in advance