1 Wired, 1 Wireless, and Captive Portal - 1.2.1 and 1.2.2

  • LAN is the wireless (ath0)
    WAN is the wired (xl0)
    Only these two interfaces

    With the above, I have it set to AP mode with no security settings (for testing only) - works just fine - connects to Internet, and I can connect my other computers to Internet via wireless.

    I enable Captive Portal with 1 test user.

    I try to get on the Internet from one of the computer, and nothing - no page displays and just no page display message.  If I disable Captive Portal, it works fine.  What gives?

    I did this for both 1.2.1 and 1.2.2.  Both were clean installs - meaning there were no other rules / settings enabled / or packages installed.

  • You said you have only two NIC's, so I conclude that you lock yourself out when switching to Captive Portal mode.

    What happens when you connect directly to the captive portal IP + port (=8000) when its running ?

    Isn't it possible that you add a third NIC ? This will make live a lot easier for you.
    Captive Portal mode is meant to run on its own Optx interface.

    Please note that I also understood that we could run Captive Portal mode on the LAN - but this means that you have to have a keyboard/screen attached to your pfsense box got get control of your box.

    EDIT : Humm : a post, some hours before : http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,12638.0.html

  • No, I do not lock myself out because I've already added a rule to be able to access the WAN side before any changes I make.  I did run a few more installs and test.  got it to work essentially.  The steps are all the same but one key item I have not heard or seen is that during the time I am configuring the Wireless side (AP mode, Infrastructure Mode, Ad-Hoc), it asks for authentication method.  Well, I left it at NO AUTHNETICATION and then completed by pressing SAVE.  Well once you press SAVE that's it!  It doesn't work if you go back and want to use Local User Manager.  I tried this out on multiple new installs.  Same effect.  So the effect is this - BEFORE you hit that save button, make sure it is the settings you will be using or you WILL have to reinstall…I repeated this process so that's my conclusion.  If you have another fix which is faster, please tell me.

    Not sure if this was also part of it, but on the General Setup Page of this AP mode of pfSense, make sure you have the DNS also pointing to the DNS of your network segment and not one on the Internet like OpenDNS.  I made a clean install and change the DNS on an internal DNS which already has external DNS for referral, and the settings above I discussed pertaining to autneication and everything works fine....

    with problems I had previously with FTP and now Captive Portal, I can concur and honestly say pf Sense works but if you do not choose the correct settings at first and go back to change them....you might as well reinstall to have correct settings at first!!  Just because you can change settings doesn't mean it will correctly do so in pfSense.

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