pfBlockerNG 2.1.2_3 Recently Blocking Gmail Inbound

  • Hi guys - I have pfBlockerNG setup to drop spam before it hits my mail system - however, recently I've found that no email from gmail is getting through to my filter (EFA Project)

    I have permit inbound for V4 US IPv4 and IPv6, and I can see in the alerts tab after an email is sent from gmail that Gmail's mail server IP's are being permitted - but nothing ever hits my mail filter.

    This was working up until a few days ago. I've also tried creating a custom whitelist and putting entering Google's Mail IP's there and ensuring it's at the top of the rule order - no dice.

    The firewall logs aren't showing any blocks inbound to destination port 25 at the time I send email from gmail.

    Any idea's?

    Many thanks

  • Nevermind - My bad, was a TLS configuration issue in Postfix!

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