pfBloquerNG and squid with squidGuard

  • Hello people, I've a question

    I might have some conflicts if I use my pfsense box as a proxy (squid + squidGuard) and also use the pfBlocker service?

    Does anyone know if there may be any conflict between the functions of these two packages?
    Best regards


  • I'm not aware of any problems with running these packages together, maybe others will chime in if they know of any issues.

    Need more information.

    What problems, error messages are you seeing?

    What versions of pfBlockerng, squid, squidguard are you using?

  • I haven't got them working together yet. First I want to know if they can have conflicts with each other.
    I am using pfSense 2.4.3 and the latest versions of each product currently.
    These days I'll make them work together and I'll tell you anything new in this thread.


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