Multi-VPN Client and Firewall Rule Issue (Not a Gateway Option)

  • Greeting all!

    I just got started with my pfSense build (2.4.3-RELEASE) and have a question about multiple OpenVPN Client connections (connecting to services).

    I was able to create one openvpn connection:

    • Added the client details (made sure to check to NOT pull routes)
    • Assigned it as an Interface
    • Created a Gateway to use that Interface
    • Created a Outbound NAT mapping from one internal network (call it LAN) to use it
    • Created a basic any any firewall rule for (LAN) to use it as the gateway under advanced
      This all worked great! The router itself uses the WAN connection, LAN uses the OpenPVN connection.

    I next setup the second OpenVPN connection to a different provider, followed the same steps but have an issue on that last piece... this connection for a different internal IP (call it WIRELESS) when setting the firewall rule, the NEW VPN connection is not an option to select in the Gateway drop down.

    The VPN is connecting, as both show under Status - OpenVPN as being connected. They both use different IP's to assign to the clients.

    I also noticed that on the main pfSense page, in my interfaces window, it only lists the first VPN tunnel I created, and not the second one.

    Any ideas?

  • I removed all the VPNs and walked through the process again, seems to be working now as it is an available gateway now.

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