Routing between 2 openvpn foreign networks with different pfsense boxes

  • Hello! I have this setup:

    OpenVPN [O1] foreign network == [A] pfSense box [em0] (has additional network [em1] == [B] pfsense box [em0] (has additional network [em1] == OpenVPN [O2] foreign network

    Firewall is disabled on each pfsense for testing (allow all traffic on all interfaces rule is added)

    Routes are correct on each openvpn boxes - checked twice.

    In short, I can't access from [O1] to [O2]

    I can ping from to
    I can ping from to

    But I can't ping from to and reverse.

    When I try to ping from I can tcpdump [em0] on [B] pfsense box, and I see ICMP requests:
    ICMP from to
    netstat -rn shows me that is reachable via OpenVPN interface ovpns1.

    However, I can't see ICMP requests on ovpns1 Openvpn interface on [B] box.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You should probably paste screen shots of what you have done and not a textual representation of what you think you have done. Screen shots of Diagnostics > Routes, the OpenVPN client and server, and the OpenVPN Firewall rules would be a good start.

    Please be a little more specific, like instead of I can ping from to try I can ping from to

    What is an OpenVPN foreign network ??

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