administrate pfsense remotely with vpn

  • Hi.
    Can anyone tell me if i can use this :

    to administrate my pfsense while i am in anyother country with fulll access to my web gui, for instance ?
    If no, please how can i setup vpn to administrate my pfsense remotely having access to my web gui.

  • Yes, you can.
    Better yet, OpenVPN was included, among other, so you can have a secured access to the GUI.

    Btw : don't know why you should need FreeRadius to auth the access. Example : I'm not even using the user/password option, just the generated certs on both sides and your done.
    If you want a user/password access, have a look at the build in User manager.

  • Ok. I am new in this envoirement, So i am a little bit lost setting it up. Can you show me an example of configuration. It can be with an hipotetical ip and explanation, please.
    Thank you.

  • Won't work out very well.

    I made setup choices, and have constraints like "a router in front of a router".
    I'm also using a IPv6 network from, so my OpenVPN exposes also an IPv6 to the connected clients.
    I decided not to use user and password : the certs on both sides, client and server, will do the authentication.

    You have to make up your list with what you want, and then you feed Google with "pfsense setup openvpn" and you choose a recent how-to and you follow the step-by-step.

    Install also the vpn-client-export package.

    For what it's worth :
    0_1531817261542_FireShot Capture 005 - pfsense.brit-h_ - https___pfsense.brit-hotel-fumel.net_vpn_openvpn_server.php.png

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