Pressing enter to Boot after boot: and boot menu.

  • Hi,

    After upgrade from a earlier no php7 2.4.4 build (for reference) to built on Tue Jul 17 17:00:22 EDT 2018, lost boot until enter pressed, on a BIOS bare metal machine.

    I have to press enter when the boot: word appears and after the welcome boot box.

    /boot/config: -S115200 -D
    FreeBSD/x86 Boot
    Default: zroot/ROOT/Default:/default/zfsloader

    Pressing enter here, and after boot menu.

    I have a APC UPS cable in the serial port, i hope this is not a problem , this doesn't happen on the non php7 version, do not know what version precisely.

    Bios mode installation on as Asrock motherboard socket 775.

  • Testing this situation without APC cable system boots.

    "this doesn't happen on the non php7 version"

    I wrote this but maybe is not correct. This cable is relatively new.

    In Advance settings i have Serial Terminal unchecked; Serial speed 115200; Primary console VGA console (i tested with Serial).

    Some suggestion besides taking off APC cable (APC 940-0024B)?


  • Delete -S115200 -D on /boot.config do the job.

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