HTTPS not working correctly with Squid Proxy

  • Hi!
    When I setup pfSense/Squid to log all entries on port 443, it does not work correctly.
    It keeps blocking some HTTPS sites in some computers and other sites like just won't connect.
    Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?
    Thank you already.

    My config:
    2 lan rules, rerouting everything from port 80/443 to port 3128*;

    Squid Proxy Server enabled, port 3128, transparent http proxy (lan interface), SSL Filtering enabled (Lan), SSLMITM mode Splice All, port 3129, CA: BRT CA, Do not verify remote certificate.

    Squid Guard Proxy Filter enabled, Blacklist enabled, URL:

    Squid Proxy Reports (Lightsquid): Port 7445, Lightsquid Web SSL enabled, IP Resolve Method DNS.

    How I created my CA: System > Cert. Manager > CAs > Add.
    Name: Brt CA, Self signed.

    .* I tried to reroute port 443 to port 3129 but it didn't work.

    BTW, can I log HTTPS requests in other ports that I don't know the number?

  • Hi
    I had the same problem
    But I put the list IP of this site in Bypass and the problem was resolved

    Go to Firewall Aliases>ADD+
    Name: trello
    Type : Network(s)


    And Go to Services > Squid Proxy server
    in Bypass Proxy for These Destination IPs type : trello

    Save and restart squid service

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