walkthrough / howto / 101 guide for captive portal + payment gateway

  • Hi Guys,

    I've done a bit of googling on this but have not come up with anything. Does anyone know of a good captive portal with payment gateway (preferably paypal) howto for 2.4.x

    I have a basic CP running with FreeRADIUS (on the pfSense vm) and a basic un/pw auth but I'm struggling to make the next step.

    I have come across dalos Radius (http://daloradius.com/index.html) which I think was recomended by someone on here. It looks like the appliance is free to use but there is an optional $13.20 ebook. I'm quite happy to pay that but wondered if anyone else has used it and can advise if it's worth it.

    I was also looking at purchasing gold support to get "the book" but given that it's going to be free in the next few weeks I'm not sure if that makes sense.

    Any help or pointers would be great.


  • I'm assuming you are using this for Wi-Fi ?

    With Ubiquity APs & CloudKey ( the software will also run on a VM ) the guest portal page supports a wide range of payments, paypal included.

    Can't see anything in the pfSense book re paymen't systems, so I guess you'd need to tinker with the html code.

    BTW I haven't used the Ubiquity payment systems.

  • Thanks Andy,

    Testing with a wired connection currently but yes, it’s for a WiFi rollout.

    Given the choose (and budget) I would be using Unify but I have inherited a mix of ZyXEL and Ruckus kit so looking for a vendor agnostic option.

  • Don't even consider Ubiquiti Unifi for this - It does not work. The inbuilt system is old and is not compliant. I tried with both Stripe and Paypal and they both rejected attempts to take payment as being insecure as the complete credit card details were being obtained by the controller before being passed untokenised to the payment portal. Any attempts to get support were referred to the forum, and when I finally got a chat with them, I was told that there was no problem and again referred to the forum which was at least 3 years out of date on the subject. It is supposed to support an external portal as an option, but you need access to the API - guess what? - Unsupported! I wasted A LOT of time with it and absolutely useless support.

    The solution for us has been the GIS-R4 box from https://guest-internet.com bought in the UK from https://www.solwise.co.uk/

  • Hey @jopple (Et al.),

    I can confirm that the unifi stuff used to work with Stripe although I have to admit that I have not tried it since the changes to the PCI in (I think) September last year. We did several events where it was used and worked exactly as expected.

    Testing the setup before the season starts is one on my jobs for the next week or so. If I remember I'll post back with my findings.

    I looked at a couple of other software based options and they all ended up being quite complicated and I'm not totally sure they would have worked now either.

  • Yes you can still use Stripe payments, however, it has changed and you will have to click a box in your Stripe account to make it work. The tick box is you agreeing to be fully liable legally and financially for the unencrypted untokenized credit card details that you are passing to them, and thus you are taking on the full force of the compliance regulations.

    If you are setup to do this, or are happy to pay a lot of money to make it happen, it will work.

    Both Paypal and Stripe give you options that allow you to send the user to put credit card details directly on their sites thus removing any handling of credit card information by you. Unfortunately the Unifi system has not been updated for a long time and I wouldn't hold my breath on it.

    I have looked at combinations of pfsense, coovachilli, freeRadius, with openwrt firmware and openwisp for management, but this time round I am now too short of time. Maybe work towards the next one . . .

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