walkthrough / howto / 101 guide for captive portal + payment gateway

  • Hi Guys,

    I've done a bit of googling on this but have not come up with anything. Does anyone know of a good captive portal with payment gateway (preferably paypal) howto for 2.4.x

    I have a basic CP running with FreeRADIUS (on the pfSense vm) and a basic un/pw auth but I'm struggling to make the next step.

    I have come across dalos Radius (http://daloradius.com/index.html) which I think was recomended by someone on here. It looks like the appliance is free to use but there is an optional $13.20 ebook. I'm quite happy to pay that but wondered if anyone else has used it and can advise if it's worth it.

    I was also looking at purchasing gold support to get "the book" but given that it's going to be free in the next few weeks I'm not sure if that makes sense.

    Any help or pointers would be great.


  • Galactic Empire

    I'm assuming you are using this for Wi-Fi ?

    With Ubiquity APs & CloudKey ( the software will also run on a VM ) the guest portal page supports a wide range of payments, paypal included.

    Can't see anything in the pfSense book re paymen't systems, so I guess you'd need to tinker with the html code.

    BTW I haven't used the Ubiquity payment systems.

  • Thanks Andy,

    Testing with a wired connection currently but yes, it’s for a WiFi rollout.

    Given the choose (and budget) I would be using Unify but I have inherited a mix of ZyXEL and Ruckus kit so looking for a vendor agnostic option.