Reach to a lan jumping from several openvpn connections

  • I wonder if it is possible to connect to a LAN that is not connected directly in pfsense hardware, but this pfsense has an openvpn tunnel to reach this LAN.

    Example. Is there any way to reach from office1 to office3?

    Office1 » pfsense1 openvpn » office2 » pfsense2 openvpn » office3


  • Yes. You have to configure the vpn routes and firewall rules on all firewalls must allow the access.

    Assuming there is a pfSense3 in front of office3 and the vpn connections are stie-to-site and the routes between 1-2 and 3-4 are already working, on pfsense1 add the office3 lan to the "remote networks" in the openvpn config and on pfsense3 add the office1 lan to the "remote networks".

    Both endpoints, pfsense1 and 3 have to be the default gateways in the lans.

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