Site to site OpenVPN no ping? solved

  • Hi,

    I was wondering if someone could assit me on the issue im having. Recently put up a site to site it connected no issue. But Client side can ping the Server Box but the Server cannot ping the Client side any ideas? Another odd thing on Client side the LAN computers cannot ping the other LAN of the Server side.

    Here are the pictures

    11_1532029432370_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-005.png 10_1532029432370_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-007.png 9_1532029432370_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-006.png 8_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-008.png 7_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-009.png 6_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-010.png 5_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-012.png 4_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-011.png 3_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-013.png 2_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-014.png 1_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-003.png 0_1532029432368_Clipboarder.2018.07.19-004.png
    Thank you

  • Show your OpenVPN firewall rules..

  • Thanks for the reply, after few hours someone else mentioned that /24 sometimes wont work so adding /30 did the trick

    Thanks again

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