[SOLVED] Loss of internet speed while on VPN from site to site

  • Hello,

    I have notice that while doing a VPN from site to site, where internet is being supplied by VPN too, I notice that I have loss speed on this remote side.

    On this remote side I have a 100/100 Mbps connection who is not dedicated, and in main side I have a 100/100 Mbps
    dedicated connection.

    And one thing that I have saw after several speedtests from that remote side, is that it cannot pass from 50/50 Mbps, and there is no traffic shaping or lack of bandwidth on both sides. Both tests where made from wired connections both 1Gbps, and both uplinks are made with fiber. In both netgate routers, there is no lack of resourses in both. In primary side I have a SG-4860-1U and in remote side SG-3100.

    On test speed from remote side vpn:


    One test speed from remote side uplink:


    Those are the interfaces of my uplink, primary side interface, and remote side VPN, while I was doing speedtests, on each spike means a test that was done:


    There is no traffic shaping being done in both devices, and I am using LZ4 for compression and the tunneling is being done with a non standard port and with TCPon IPv4 only, there is no DHCP for IPv6 in both networks. Device mode is tun - Layer 3 Tunnel Mode.

    On remote side I am routing all traffic to primary side:,

    I have other OpenVPN server running in primary side with the same settings as this VPN, just for remote users, and I dont have any bottlenecks there.

    Anyone knows what can be happening to loss 50% of connection?

    Thanks in advance!

  • So I had changed IPv4 remote network at remote side, just to route my primary side network, to avoid this situation.

    I have also tested crypto accelerators in both sides but didnt had any change.

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