VLAN Translations/Rewrites using Switches and PfSense

  • Hi there,
    Is it possible to implement VLAN Rewrite in pfsense 2.3.5? Here's the scenario:

    VLAN 100: -> Brocade Core VDX (default gateway on Interface VLAN 101) -> PfSense

    My question is; How do I define VLAN rewrite in pfSense?

    Any ideia?


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    huh? Not getting what would be the goal in this? The transit/uplink to pfsense can be any vlan you want.. If your trying to get vlan 100 to pfsense, then just tag that traffic as vlan 100 and connect it to pfsense. Your connection to pfsense could carry any number of tagged vlans.

    In your above scenario what do you want pfsense to do exactly?

  • I think the OP is looking for a feature that would rewrite VLAN x into VLAN y when passing traffic through pfSense in bridge mode.

    Suggest you take a managed switch and set one port untagged VLAN x and another port untagged VLAN y, then turn off LLDP and STP and plug the ports together. You have a wire-speed VLAN translator.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well he should of stated that then ;)

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