Groups based access to certian websites

  • Hi
    is it possible to configure pfsense in such a way that a single box having 2 nic's such that one is wan other is lan and on lan network card there are multiple ip subnets vlans.

    1: ) where one vlane should be running guest captive portal and if so desired the admin can block access to few websites (like facebook/youtube and a handful of few other sites)

    2:)second vlan on lan interface should be used for internet access of corporate users and control access to certain websites based on the membership of users groups e.g. if a user belongs to a group say that has streaming media access then he/she can access those sites and if the need be he can be grated/revoked such access.Like it used to be in microsoft ISA server. where we would add him to sepcific groups for that type of access. there is no microsoft ad in place.

    Please give me some directions so i can read more and look into it regards.

  • any help in this regard ?

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