Bug Traphic Graph Dashboard

    1. When I hover over my traffic graph with my mouse, it states : Wan (in) : Mb/s 5.34
    2. When I alter the " unit" settings to bits/s, it correctly states Wan (in) : Mb/s /40.xx

    The 1st should be Wan (in) : MB/s 5.34

    Am I correct?

    Dashboard : (with no mouse move-over)
    0_1532374441886_180723 Dashboard Speednitification Pfsense bug.PNG

    Status Traffic Graph
    0_1532374456885_180723 Traphic Graph 2 Speednitification Pfsense bug.PNG

    Maybe a bit late to report just before the release of 2.4.4. .... ;-)

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