Issue with Snort Barnyard2 and Bro integration

  • I am struggling to get Snort logs to Bro via Barnyard.
    I have configured as below so far:

    On the Bro server:

    • in bro/site/local.bro I have set: @load policy/integration/barnyard2
    • broctl deploy
    • cat bro/logs/current/loaded_scripts.log I can see that barnyard scripts are loaded

    On pfSense

    • Snort package, Snort Interfaces, edit interface settings, barnyard2 tab
      • enable barnyard2, enable Bro-IDS, set remote host and port = 47760 (also tried 47761 for bro in cluster mode), Save
      • restart Snort for the interface. Snort restarts, but barnyard fails.
        In system logs:
        Jul 24 15:24:38 barnyard2 398 FATAL ERROR: failed! Could not connect to Bro!
        Jul 24 15:24:27 barnyard2 398 alert_bro Connecting to Bro (192.168.x.x:47761)...

    On bro server during restart of snort/barnyard, checking broker.log file it looks like connection from pfsense disconnects the Bro workers that are listening to mirror interfaces.

    I have seen various references to adding the following to local.bro, but these don't seem compatible with my version:
    @load frameworks/communication/listen

    redef Communication::nodes += {
    ["local"] = [$host=, $class="barnyard", $events=/Barnyard2::.*/, $connect = F, $ssl = F]

    I am running pfsense 2.4.3 release p1 (amd64), Snort version, and Bro version 2.5-749 (on ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS).


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