OpenVPN with Google Cloud PFSENSE (Only 1 WAN) with Remote PFSENSE

  • Hello,

    Can you help me ????

    I have setup PFSENSE on GOOGLE CLOUD with only 1 WAN interface.

    I want connect my remote office Pfsense with OpenVPN

    I can connect to Google Cloud PFSENSE Web interface

    OpenVPN connect between two PFSENSE and PING between PFSENSE work well but no communication with google internal address (

    Only can ping ( but i want ping ( it's fail.

    If I'm go in Google Cloud PFSENSE "Diagnostics" Menu and choose "Ping" it's work if choose Interface WAN for ping ( but fail with interface OPENVPN

    My Setup :

    Google Cloud PFSENSE
    HTTPS - 35.237.xx.xx (Google Cloud - PFSENSE WEB INTERFACE)
    10.142.xx.xx/20 (Google Cloud WAN Internal IP)

    Remote Office PFSENSE
    WAN IP (208.135.xx.xx/24)
    LAN IP (

    Can you help me please ?

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