OpenVPN service failing after move from 2.3 to 2.4

  • Hello All

    I need to move my pfsense 2.3 VM to 2.4. However, as the hardware is 32 bit, I need to restore the 2.3 config to 2.4 on a new machine.
    I have done this and it works well, apart from OpenVPN for clients. The site to site VPN is working, but the service for the clients starts, but as soon as some one try to connect it crashes. There is nothing much in the logs.

    Has anyone seen anything like this?
    I can't currently pull logs off, but I will add when I can.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have not heard of that happening before. It should log something in the main system log or OpenVPN log about what happened. You can also increase the log verboseness in OpenVPN which may help track it down.

    If this is ESX, also make sure your new VM is set to the appropriate Operating System version and has the most recent hardware compatibility for the version of ESX it's running under. For example, on ESX 6.7 it should be set to FreeBSD 11 (64-bit) and VM version 14.

  • Thanks. No it is very odd and I am not ruling out it is something to do with the OpenVPN config or VMware. But I was limited in the Window and didn't have time to test out options.
    Thanks for the VMware tip. It is as high as it can go, but it is running on a ESXi 5.5 node, that is due for an update. I will post some logs when I can get to test again.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    FreeBSD 11 isn't technically supported until ESX 6.5 so it's possible you have a compatibility issue causing stability there as well.

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