Voucher card for one device

  • Hi there I use pfsense for my network work with hotspot I start config it with vouchers but I want to use one voucher for one device how can I do this ... : note I use pass through mac thx

  • Vouchers are valid for one device.
    A login from another device (probably the same owner using his other device) will disconnect the last connection.
    This can not be changed right now.
    (although, I posted a small patch in this part of the forum where a "next login using another device" would be refused ... but I forgot how the "search' works on this forum ;))

    You could use vouchers with a very short validity time, and the "Pass-through MAC Auto Entry" option.
    The vouchers would time out very fast, and the connection "locked" to the first MAC used.
    True, you should remove the MAC's from the list afterwards.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If you enable the Enable Pass-through MAC automatic addition with username the MAC entry will be expired/pruned along with the voucher when the voucher expires. I am not sure what happens if you disable the voucher as username. I would guess the MAC address entry stays until manually cleared.

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