Bug maybe? NordVPN and Remote Access Vpn

  • so i have struggled finnally getting NordVPN setup on Pfsense..
    now i struggle with Remote Access to the network with OpenVPN

    if i set the WAN Interface to DHCP. get an IP address from my dsl modem.. i can gain access to my network using the OpenVPN Client.
    but NordVPN no longer works reboots and Filter reload button doesnt help

    if i set the WAN interface to PPOE i can no longer using Remote Access it trys to connect to the IP address not my dynamic dns name.. and just has hand shaking issues...
    but my NordVPN account works

    is this a bug in pfsense is there a check box i need to do to have it work in PPOE or if i chose DHCP as i think if you have DHCP ports are blocked i not sure

    but i just cant have both..

    and for the Remote Access OpenVPn i use the WAN and WAN interface as i couldnt get it work over NordVPN interfaces
    as i also want after to run my websites using VM and windows 2016 server so it be all on 1 computer to save hydro.. so my DynDns will point to my computer to have remote Access to the network VPN and access to Website... and have nordVPN for secure access while i on the network

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