Can I change the homepage (Dashboard) for any other configuration page?

  • +details: Anything either included in the stock pfSense or configuration pages automatically added by a package.

    While setting up a separate FreeRADIUS on CentOS (to replace WS2016's NPS) server I realized the best GUI implementation of FreeRADIUS I've come in contact with is pfSense's, already on the network and Windows Server can never touch its stability (nor resource consumption). So I grabbed an old thin client, slapped pfSense into it and it's the perfect RADIUS server; now it doesn't have to be in the same "box" (virtualized) as the firewall. Because I'm only using the FreeRADIUS package I'd like to log in straight up on the FreeRADIUS config section but I can't quite find the config for it. The only thing I could come up with is disabling all user's access to every other page in the system but the ones required -- problem: those added by packages aren't listed. I'm still trying it for the other island pfSense boxes though (I have another that does only DHCP and that's it.)

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