Snort GUI Package v3.2.9.7 Release Notes

  • pfSense-pkg-snort-

    This update includes changes required for PHP 7.2 compatibility. There are also some new features added and a bug fix.

    New Features

    • Added GUI configuration options for the SSH Preprocessor parameters to the PREPROCESSORS tab.

    • Added a new configuration parameter for interface Snap Length (snaplen). This now defaults to 1518 on pfSense to work with VLAN tags, but the user can choose their own custom snaplen value for each Snort interface. Previously this parameter was not configurable and defaulted to the interface MTU.

    Bug Fixes

    • Made changes required for PHP 7.2 compatibility to a number of code pages.

    • Snort log retention settings not working properly. See Redmine bug report #8577 for details.

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