Access Webgui from WAN location

  • I googled.. and read and tried several tricks non working

    how do you access the webgui from a remote location using the https since right now OpenVPN Remot Access doesn't work right now

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not allowed by default. You would have to create a rule on the WAN tab to let you in that way. But it's an awful idea to open that up wide to the Internet.

    If you must, then setup a restriction so that it can only be reached from a specific remote address you control.

    For a specific example, see

  • ah ok reason i ask is i have a pfsense on at my house and my sisters house

    now she doesnt understand pfsense and i still learning and getting myself in trouble lately asking help... but i wanna be able to access her pfsense from my house..

    and or would it be better to setup a vpnserver to access her house... but ill check out that link.. as i wanna be able to remote change her server and not have to drive couple hours to her house

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    A VPN would be best, but you can do something like this as a backup:

    1. Setup Dynamic DNS on both so you have a hostname that tracks whatever your current WAN IP address is
    2. Setup an alias called RemoteManagement or something along those lines, and put in the dynamic DNS hostname from the other end. The firewall will periodically check and update the alias.
    3. Setup a remote access firewall rule using this RemoteManagement alias as the source.

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