How to use pfSense OpenVPN and Dynamic DNS address

  • I am using pfSense from home, but my IP changes. So i have setup Dynamic DNS with no-ip, and that shows green in pfSense. I would like to setup OpenVPN so when I am away, I can connect into my network. But I do not know how to set it up to use the Dynamic DNS alias.

  • Assuming that Dynamic DNS is properly tracking your address, just point OpenVPN to the host name and don't worry about the actual IP address. Also, depending on your ISP, you may have a consistent host name already. With my cable modem, the host name is based on the modem and firewall MAC addresses and won't change unless I change hardware. So, even though I use DHCP on IPv4, I don't have to worry about it, should the IP address change. However, even it is virtually static.

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    Yeah it's really a setting in the client. Tell it to connect to the dynip hostname.

    You can select this and save it as the default in the OpenVPN client exporter.

    You just tell the server to listen on WAN. It will be listening on whatever your address happens to be at the time.

    You probably also want to generate a server certificate with the dyndns hostname as the CN and a SAN.

  • This is fairly straightforward. When exporting your clients, choose "other" in the Host Name Resolution box and enter your Dynamic DNS FQDN.

    If you don't want to re-export existing clients, you can manually edit the client's .ovpn file and replace the IP with an FQDN on the remote line.

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