VPN over VPN error

  • Hi,

    every now and then I notice that one of my VPN client connection seems to use another VPN client connection (interface) rather the WAN interface.


    See VPN Interface 1 and 4.

    As soon as I would stop the VPN Connection from interface 1, the VPN connection of Interface 4 goes down as well. For all 4 VPN connection the "Outgoing" Interface is set to WAN.

    If I stop all 4 VPN connections and re-initiate them, they are all running over the WAN interface.

    Anyone got any idea ?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    One of those VPNs must be adding its own default route, which other connections then use.

    You should change the VPN client configurations so they do not pull any routes from the server, and then manage the routes in some other way (e.g. policy routing)

    Alternately, add your own static routes to the WAN interface for the VPN server IP addresses, assuming they are static.

  • That makes sense.

    Thanks for your Help !

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