BandwidthD with PostgreSQL, especially for SG-3100

  • Re: BandwidthD is coming back soon!

    Well, hell. I purchased an SG-3100 and was looking to get BandwidthD running with PostgreSQL support and discovered that NOPE, it isn't built with the supported database feature. This is the message in the logs (even though the config indicates it is possible):

    Postgresql logging selected but postgresql support is not compiled into binary.

    After burning several days trying to get this to work (including compiling my own BandwidthD with a FreeBSD VM) I failed to notice that the SG-3100 is ARM/ which means my VM (using Parallels on a Macbook Pro) won't build a compatible binary. From the thread posted about a year ago by @jimp) I see others asking for Postgres support. Is there any chance that this might happen now that it is nearly a year later?

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