Ipsec config warning

    built on Sun Feb 8 02:36:45 EST 2009

    Warning: unlink(/tmp/spd.conf.reload.1234155406.EqRQIT): No such file or directory in /etc/inc/vpn.inc on line 1198

    Doesn't seem to be causing any problems,I updated two pfsense boxes to 1.2.3 , both gave this warning when making changes to ipsec VPN: IPsec.
    Other then that, everything worked perfectly, and so far 1.2.3 is very stable.

  • This is a known issue, this one triggers when you make no actual change iirc.

    It will still try to load that file. It needs a file_exists()

  • It was a stray line left over from merging, it has been removed. Thanks