VPN configured successfully but local DNS not resolving

  • I have configured a user based openvpn successfully but the local DNS is not resolving through VPN whcih works in the LAN

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And did you adjust the ACLs with unbound.. The automatic unbound ACLs only allow for internal networks. I do not believe it auto allows for a road warrior vpn access client IPs


    This under unbound / advanced. I always disable them and create the ACLs I want on the ACL tab..

    Did you hand the vpn user IP for dns that unbound is listening on? Does your client actually attempt to use it? Simple dig, nslookup on the client will tell you what dns its using - if your on windows?

  • Thank You John,

    I fixed the problem, I forgot to add DNS server in the configuration. It is done and it is working fine.

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