Reverse proxy with Squid package

  • Hello,

    I have several web servers which i would like to access by using subdomaine, like and

    From what i understood i need to use reverse proxy, i have installed the package squid. In my DNS configuration i have set up this: A x.x.x.x(The public IP of my pfsense, mydomain is an example)

    When i ping i get the Public IP of my pfsense.

    Then i have installed squid package on my pfsense and configure it like this:

    Then i have added a rule to allow the port 80:

    Then i have added my web server:

    And the Mapping:

    But i cant get to my web server. If i am not mistaken i should not but this in my dns configuration: A x.x.x.x(The public IP of my pfsense)
    Because the resolution domainname->ip adress will be done on my dns server.

    Maybe i made a mistake on my dns server configuration, am i supposed to enter anything else ? Or in the pfsense configuration, did i well entered well the "external FQDN" as requested ?

    I am using the version 0.4.43_1 of squid

  • I solved the problem myself.

    All my configuration was correct, there is a bug with the squid addon: you can not start the squid service from the web interface, when you click on "start the service" in the image below nothing happens, the service doesn't start and you don't have any error message:
    0_1533074663644_squid screenshot.png

    I had to connect to the pfsense terminal and run a "ps aux |grep squid" to see that th service was not running (i didn't have any error message in /var/log/squid).

    A simple "squid start" solves the problem, does someont knows where can i report this bug ?

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