pfSense on Hyper-V, but can't ping virtual LAN switch NIC from host network.

  • Probably need to create route. I don't know how.

    I followed this link

    Created WAN which is real NIC on Host machine where cable from office router is plugged.
    Also created LAN like "Private network". Hm... I'm thinking now that maybe I needed to set Internal network...?

    So VPN is successfuly installed.
    receiving IP address from TPLink router, and I assigned it to MAC like static and it is

    I set LAN to

    I could not access to webinterface from Host machine, but I already have one Windows 10 Virtual Machine, set that LAN NIC to it, and it works.
    Windows 10 properly getting IP. because I set DHCP from 100-150. Also that VM have access to internet.

    Afterwards I installed OpenVPN using this guide

    But now I need to set port forwarding on my TPLINK from 1194 probably to WAN address which is

    Problem is that I can't ping not even, neither

    Sorry for long post, I want to be detailed, to help you to understand my problem.
    Can you direct me with instructions or link what I missed?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    By default pfSense passes nothing into WAN. You need firewall rules to pass traffic into WAN. Even pings.

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