Using captive portal with OpenVPN

  • Friends,

    I'm using version 1.2.3 with pfsense captive portal enabled,
    is the following
    I have a tunnel with openvpn, and if I enable the captive portal I do not
    can access
    remotely via the terminal service stations (3389) or VNC (5900)
    ICMP very least, but if I disable
    I have a captive portal access ..

    Ja put the rules (rules) in the LAN and WAN interfaces and still releasing
    I have no success, unfortunately in pfsense no interface
    "Tun0" for free
    the rules, which has the maximum IPSec and PPTP is, perhaps it is not
    have succeeded
    create such rules.

    What I do like this release.

    Thanks ..

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