LAGG broken in 2.4.3-RELEASE-p1

  • When I create a LAGG, it shows up under ifconfig. But as soon as I assign a static IP to the LAGG, the LAGG disappears from ifconfig and no longer communicates with the switch.

    I also tried doing a VLAN on the LAGG. Same thing happens. It shows up at first, but then disappears as soon as I assign a static IP address to it.

    I tried this with both LACP and LOADBALACE LAGGs.

  • Turns out that it was worse than I first thought. Adding a LAGG with an IP address destroys all routing. You then have to reset PF to factory defaults. :(

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Yeah except lots of people are using laggs without such problems.

    You are probably going to have to give more details.

  • Well, it may have been the NIC. I'm not completely sure. I don't think a NIC issue would cause the LAGG to disappear once an IP addresses is assigned. This was on a clean install on an Intel NUC with a certified FreeBSD compatible NIC.

    Oh well. I had to switch back to my PF VM.

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