which list is blocking?

  • Been looking through logs and searching online and I cannot figure out how to tell which list a block is coming from. I see blocked stuff in the DNSBL log, but not the ones I need to figure out. I have the EasyLists and about 6 other lists turned on from various sources. Ultimately, I want to kill ads and stop the family from accidentally going to a malicious site.

    After turning on a bunch of lists, the kids couldn't sign into Xbox. I don't see anything that jumps out in the logs that are MS or Xbox. So I had to turn them all off, then turn them on one at a time and reload until I found the one that caused it and leave that one off.

    Lowes.com has a Deal of the Day link on their main page. Since turning on my lists, I no longer have this link on any device, but again, in the logs I don't see anything related to lowes.com. I do see plenty of things in the logs though.


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    Everything that is blocked is visible in the "Alerts Tab".