OpenVPN Bridging not passing data LAN/VPN

  • Hello, I have looked through the forum for bridging problems and solutions and nothing seems to help or fit what my situation is. I have OpenVPN set up as a tap and passes DHCP and bridges to the LAN. The DHCP start is at and ends at .20. I have created an interface for the OpenVPN and bridged it to the LAN via a new bridge interface. I have also created firewall rules for that bridge, one for VPN and one for LAN that is wide open. So nothing should be blocked.

    What I see is that the VPN client comes in, connects and gets an IP address of (first DHCP address). It can ping the LAN address of pfsense at successfully. It cannot ping anything on the LAN side. I have a VM connected to the LAN at That interface can ping to the as well. I can see on both the LAN interface and the Bridge where the ARP request comes in from asking for the MAC of the other interface but the other side never sees the request. So traffic is not crossing the bridge.

    Can you point me to the setting I am missing to allow traffic to flow? I do have the Inter-client communication checked in the VPN options.


  • I added a couple of changes but with no change in behavior. I set = 0 = 1

    I then also added an OPT interface that was the bridge (BRIDGE0) and enabled that. Still no traffic passing between the two sides. If this were Linux I would say that ip_forward wasn't enabled, but not sure where that setting would be on pfsense.

  • @johnpoz
    Any chance you have an idea here?

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