pfBlockerNG upgrade 2.1.2_3 to 2.1.4_8?

  • I see there is an upgrade from 2.1.2_3 to 2.1.4_8, but I also see on the forum here that people seem to be having some issues with PHP. What I can't really determine is if those issue are the result of problems coming from people using the -devel version or not.

    So, am I advised to wait or is it safe to upgrade from 2.1.2_3 to 2.1.4_8? I am not and have not used the -devel version.

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    If you stay on the 2.3.x release branch, I think it should be fine. I haven't tested an update myself, but I would expect that to be ok. As always backup to be sure and always select a good window of time to update to allow for a restore.

    I believe the issue for the others is when you are on 2.3.x and install pfBlockerNG-devel, or have the pfSense branch set to devel. One of these combinations is causing this issue of installing the incorrect version of PHP.

  • Thanks for swift reply.

  • I've upgraded 2.1.2_3 to 2.1.4_8 without issue.

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