Firewall Maximum Table Entries

  • I have 8Gig of DDR3 Ram and a 250 Samson SSD.
    Im only going to use Pfblocker no other packages and I will be putting a lot of url DNSBL links and lists of IP4's Lists in.
    So what size do you think I should put the table number on? I set it to 8000000 but I'm not sure if it is in MB or bits so I thought I would ask and I bet its a dumb question but I have to ask just in case because of the large load I will be blocking. Any other tips on large loads would be good to know too.

    BTW its good to be back and I must say they have made a reinstall of pfsense so easy now ;) took me 5 mins to reinstall it lol
    I remember the old days it was a lot harder.

    Many Thanks.

    All the best guys ;)

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