Incoming traffic being blocked

  • I am having problems with incoming access on the firewall to my public IP subnet:

    Internet–>pfsense-->Router-->Subnet1: 192.168.x.x/24
      -->Subnet2: 1.2.3.x/27 (Public IP Subnet)

    -2 interfaces: WAN ( & LAN (192.168.x.x/24) - no DMZ interface
    -Static route on pfsense to Subnet2 via Router
    -Subnet1 is NAT'd (of course)
    -Advanced outbound NAT enabled & mapping to subnet2 removed so that subnet2 is NOT NAT'd on Internet.

    Internet connection works fine from Subnet2, however full access is required to Subnet2 from the Internet.  This is where I am having problems.  I cannot access any of the Public IP's on Subnet2 from the Internet.  I've added a firewall rule on WAN interface:

    Pass: Source any --> destination 1.2.3.x/27

    I thought this was all I would need but it doesn't work.  What other explicit rules need to be added on the WAN and/or LAN interface?

    I checked the Firewall log & there are no indications of destination 1.2.3.x/27 being blocked.  As an example, there is a https server I am trying to access on Subnet2 but that doesn't show up as being blocked.  I do, however, see https traffic being blocked on the WAN interface (, which doesn't make sense as I have an explicit rule in the firewall to allow that traffic as that is how I am accessing the firewall!

    I still need firewalling capabilities for Subnet1 so I cannot disable the firewall.

    Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.


  • Check your rules order, maybe there is something wrong. Besides that your setup looks valid to me. What version are you running? Btw, if you click the small block icon in front of your firewall logs it tells you which rule caused the block.

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