Policy base routing not working traffic is not forwarded to specified gateway and always go to the default gw

  • Im using XG-7100 and the latest pfsense version. all is working well but i have this issue on policy base routing.

    the scenario:
    I have 2 WAN(gateways) and a 2 LANs.
    i wanted each LANs to use specific WAN.

    Gateway setup
    WAN1 gateway is set to default
    WAN2 gateway

    LAN1 rule i set the gateway to use the WAN1 gateway.
    LAN2 rule i set the gateway to use the WAN2 gateway.

    even though LAN2 was set to use the WAN2 gateway when i test it its still use the default gateway which is the WAN1.

    Need your help on this.

    Thank you.

  • need more details.
    post rules & gateway settings

  • @heper

    Action: Pass
    Interface: Lan1
    protocol: tcp/udp
    source: any
    Gateway: WAN1(which is the default gw)
    Action: Pass
    Interface: Lan2
    protocol: tcp/udp
    source: any
    Gateway: WAN2
    but still when testing it by tracing route the of Lan2 it still use the WAN1

  • By default Windows tracert uses ICMP and both Mac OS X and Linux traceroute use UDP.

    so if you are running traceroute on windows, your rules dont apply

  • Netgate Administrator

    That rule is TCP/UDP only, you may want 'any' there as Heper said.

    The traffic may be matched by another rule first. That rule must be above any other rules that might pass it on the LAN2 tab. Also check for floating rules and interface groups which are both processed first.

    There may have been an open firewall state for that traffic via WAN1 when you tested. Make sure to clear the states between tests if you add new rules.



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