Problem with VOIP MGCP

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    Hi all! I have a one way sound issue on proprietary MGCP phone in my second office, seems to be a pfSense issue.
    Topology: lan all in one subnet
    Panasonic KX-TDE200 PBX (,79dsp) > switch > psSense ( > switch > Phone KX-NT511 (
    Looking into packet captures - traffic on 8000 port is not returning from PBX DSP back to the phone. It goes on instead of .231 like there is NAT or else. All other traffic is OK. When i get this phone into 1st office (on the same psSense side where PBX is) it works. I have ALL PASS rule on bridge interface, no restrictions at all.
    1_1534157901521_packetcapture (5).pcap
    0_1534157901519_packetcapture (6).pcap
    PLZ halp guys! You are my last hope.

  • How exactly is your router set up?

    Bridged interfaces acting as a switch?

  • @chpalmer axactly. I have a WAN interface and two interfaces merged into bridge called LAN with assigned ip.

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