2.4.3 packages for 2.4.4?

  • So I'm setting up a system to test 2.4.4 with, and I restore my config from my 2.4.3 box... I restored it piecemeal to make sure no major show-stoppers appear in the middle of everything, so I'd know what NOT to restore if something did cause issues.

    I saved packages for last... restored that part of the config, and rebooted. Packages didn't download on the reboot, like I was expecting them to do. Not that I would've known, I seem to see only the kernel messages, then the console menu (none of the other startup lines showed as interfaces were configured, services started, etc., but that's not related to this). So the system comes up and I go to Package Manager... nothing installed. Ok, pull up my current box's webgui and go to the package list.

    Start with the first one, top of the list... ACME. It wants to uninstall pfSense and PHP 7.2, and install old versions. Of course, those are considered vital (well, at least pfSense is, not sure about PHP), so the package install was stopped, fortunately.

    Other packages install fine... CRON, nmap, snort, status traffic totals, and system patches... they all installed fine, but Snort and System Patches both are creating PHP errors at different times... Snort when I go through the Snort config pages, System Patches when rebooting (again, not that I can see it, but at least it's creating a crash log). For as far along as 2.4.4 is, I was finding this odd.

    So between these PHP errors I'm seeing on these packages, and the whole ACME issue, I'm wondering if my restore of my old config did something to the package manager, and I'm not seeing the right packages for 2.4.4.

    Any thoughts?

  • Ok... so ACME must have just been a fluke... no problem installing a second time around and this time it showed the correct PHP version as a dependency.

    Snort and System Patches are also different versions from my 2.4.3 box, now that I've gotten both up to compare on two different screens... so maybe they're just bugs and I'll need to open Redmine issues if not already done. The System Patches one happens every reboot, so I'd be surprised if someone else hasn't run into it. Can't seem to reproduce the Snort one at the moment.

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    First, make sure you are on a current snapshot when testing. If you still see PHP errors from System Patches, let me know the exact error message. I have fixed a couple issues there recently already, but it's still possible there is one I haven't found yet.

    I believe there may be an open bug report for snort PHP errors already.

  • I was installing the latest when I loaded it on my box... but mere hours later (like 5 or 6), a new snapshot was released and I updated to it.

    I'll update my system for the day now, reboot as usual after the update, and see if the Patches error occurs again. If it does, I'll post the info here... and if I can get Snort to error again, I'll see if I can find that report and add to it if necessary.

    Edit to add: Looks like System Patches is working properly now too... so who knows what I was running into at first.

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