Cannot Port Forward?

  • Hi,

    I am having some issues port forwarding,

    1, I am unable to forward 3 ports (22000,9998 & 9999)
    2, Port 32400 forwards 90% of the time

    No matter what I do, I cannot open 22000,9998 & 9999 I have tried several port checkers that always tell me the port I check is closed, I also have 32400 open for Plex, although this one works I get notifications once a day from Plex telling me that the remote connection is down and sure enough if I check with an online port checker port 32400 is closed, it always comes back on it's own (could be anything up to 20 minutes) and again I check with an online port checker and it is open again. Am I missing something? I have followed the guide but cannot open the other 3 ports mentioned at all!

    I am also noticing that the device I am trying to port forward for (Energenie Gateway) is always showing as offline ( although I can ping the device with no problems

    5_1534497189143_pf15.JPG 4_1534497189143_pf14.JPG 3_1534497189143_pf13.JPG 2_1534497189143_pf12.JPG 1_1534497189143_pf11.JPG 0_1534497189142_pf10.JPG


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  • That really is an unhelpful post

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    Did you read it? Where in the process of troubleshooting a problem are you having difficulty? That link goes over pretty much every possible aspect of figuring out where your problem is in your port forwarding.

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    @mbc0 said in Cannot Port Forward?:

    Energenie Gateway

    Where did you get the idea that you even need to forward ports to that?

    These devices only need outbound traffic normally.. Looking in their setup guide they make no mention of having to port forward.

  • Hi @johnpoz ,

    Sorry for my previous comment it was out of frustration! as I had read and re-read the troubleshooting guide and I eventually found the issue to be due to duplicate IP's in the NAT, no idea how it was possible but after deleting all my entries and starting again it is all working... Thank you

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